Today, there are many substances that can support life. It is interesting that among them there are a lot of drugs that have already been officially registered. But the instructions to these medicines, you will not read that they can be assigned to the application. How to explain it? Medications are registered for the treatment of specific diseases and old age, unfortunately, it is not officially considered a disease. Plus, because of the considerable longevity test on its extension can be very long. Therefore, these properties of drugs are usually tested only in the laboratory and therefore the same information on them can not yet be used as recommendations for self-healing. And if you need to use them, it is necessary to consult a doctor. One of these drugs - Cialis. It was used in the experiment it increased lifespan. Moreover, this action is confirmed in eight different independent studies. It blocks certain protein, and thus causes the body the same changes as in the significant reduction in caloric intake. It is this tablet actually prolongs life.

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